GPS Trackers

Smart Phone
Teltonika TMT250
Queclink GL320MG

Sharing your position

Sharing your position to provide live GPS tracking can be done in two different way. Using a smartphone application or using one of the supported dedicated GPS trackers.

In any case, the device you are using will be assigned a unique Device ID that is used to identify your device and that you can communicate to the events organisers so you can be tracked.

If you are interested in acquiring some dedicated GPS trackers, we do not sell directly devices, but you can contact us for some information about the different resellers.

Specific Instructions

Install the app from Google Play app or the Apple App Store
Search "Routechoices Tracker", by Raphael Stefanini.

Get it on Google Play Get it on Apple App Store

Upon opening the app, it will display a device ID.

Before starting a event, click the "Start live GPS" button to start sharing the location of the phone with us. And when the event is over, Turn off the app with the "Stop live GPS" button.

Once the GPS signal is good, the device ID turns green and the app starts uploading its locations.

Ensure that GPS location provider with high accuracy is enabled in the system settings for the app and that GPS access is allowed all the time. If not, uploading GPS data will stop when screen goes to sleep.

Note: Google and Apple are trying to restrict background processes to give user better battery life, but it affects application like Routechoices Tracker which require persistent background execution. Common issues to check for:

  • On recent versions of Android make sure that Routechoices Tracker has been added to battery optimization exceptions.
  • Some Android vendors have their own battery optimization in addition to standard Android system. Make sure those are disabled or the app is added to exceptions.
  • On iOS, make sure that in settings background execution is allowed and Routechoices Tracker has permission to always access location services.
  • Also on iOS, ensure that the settings in "Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Routechoices Tracker" is set to "Always"

The dedicated GPS trackers supported are:

  • GT06 protocol devices
  • Mictrack MT710
  • Queclink devices
  • Teltonika TMT250
  • Tracktape devices
  • Xexun ARM CPU products (tk102-2, tk103-2, tk202, tk201-2, xt007, xt008)

Configure the devices to share data with TCP protocol to server on the following port:

  • Port 2000: Teltonika devices
  • Port 2001: Mictrack devices
  • Port 2002: Queclink devices
  • Port 2003: TrackTape devices
  • Port 2004: Xexun devices
  • Port 2005: GT06 devices
The recommended data push interval is 5 seconds, and the recommended GPS data acquisition interval is 1 second, but feel free to adjust the settings depending on your usage as this settings affect the battery life.
Configuration file for most common devices.
Device ID

Devices must be registered by acquiring a Device ID (see below) so that they can be used on this website.

Once done simply turn on the tracker during events and its locations will be saved to the server.

Get a device ID for a tracker
This is used to link the physical device with the platform.
Invalid IMEI

Device ID